We know how much effort you put in baking a cake and in case that mistakenly burns no one can dare to see their hard work resting in dustbins. Therefore we bring to you three amazing recipes using your burnt cake.

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Cake bread pudding

Cake bread pudding

Remove the burnt part of the cake and follow the recipe. Just crumble the remaining cake into chunky crumbs

Proportion of milk and egg is 1/3 cup and one respectively for every cup of crumbs you take.

Oven is to be preheated at around 180`C.

Mix together the eggs and milk.

Take the crumbles and spread in a shallow pan.

Mix the egg-milk into crumbs and stir lightly till the crumbs absorb it.

Bake it for twenty minutes until the top of the pudding becomes slightly brown.

Cool it and serve.

Cake Biscotti

Cake Biscotti

Yeah you can make biscotti using a burned cake. You requirements are also limited here a burnt cake and a preheated oven.

After disposing off the burnt part, cut cake into pieces with thickness and length of your fingers.

Preheat oven to 180`C.

Place them on a baking tray and bake for about 12 minutes until they become crisp and light brown.

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Cake cookies

Cake cookies

Assessment of damage and removal of the top damaged layer is the foremost part. Cut into layers the remaining cake with the thickness of a biscuit.

Lay the slice of layer on a flat surface and then cut it into desired shapes with the help of cookie cutters. Repeat for other layers the same procedure.

These are your cake cookies. A bit of chewy and you can add frosting to it or dust some icing sugar over them.

You can further use your own creativity and make other delicacies with those burned cakes.