Women spend their entire day working for others: – preparing food, cleaning house, looking after children etc. In this process, they get bored by following the same routine every day. In recent times, kitty parties have emerged as the tool of entertainment for housewives. CakenGifts.in is trying to make your kitty parties more special through online cake delivery in Defence Colony Delhi and other localities of Delhi- NCR. You can enjoy online designer cake delivery sitting in your bedroom sofa.sitting in your bedroom sofa.


Kitty party is the time for housewives to relax and forget all the tensions of home. They gather at one of the house of a member where they play fun games, discuss their day-to-day life and enjoy.

Food is an important component of these kitty parties. If you are organizing kitty party at your home this week, then remember that food is the easiest way to make it memorable. Pakodas and other forms of breakfast have become quite common and your friends would have got used to them.

So, it’s the time to give them a new experience and this could be done through a delicious cake. You can prepare simple, small pie cakes in your kitchen or can order it online at CakenGifts.in. This will make others appreciate your innovation and add to the flavor of the party.


You can also have cake cutting ceremony on completion of a year of your kitty party to make it unforgettable. But what if you do not have sufficient time to prepare them at home or you are not able to find the one you want at your local shop or bakery?

All your preparations will be wasted. Online cake delivery in Delhi is the best solution to such a problem. It is not only fast but also provides you a large variety from where you can choose your favorite. Isn’t it simply wonderful?

cup cake

Online cake services assure you of the quality of the cake and are reliable. So, don’t wait as you need to do other preparations for your kitty. Just ping us at CakenGifts.in and make your kitty wonderful with online cake delivery.