Everyone love cake as their desert meal and also loves to cut the cake when they celebrate any occasion with their loved ones or friends. But when it comes to bake the cake as your professional bakers bake in your local cake shops in Ajmeri Gate it seems tough and most of the people end with horrible cakes.

But now you don’t have to worry more about it because CakenGifts is here for you to correct your some mistakes which you often make and result in poor cake.

  • If the cake has any peaks or cracks- have you ever think that why your cake has peaks and cracks behind it there can be many reasons like-
  1. Maybe you have poured slightly large quantity of rising agent which results in the formation of peaks and cracks and your cake has risen above than that particular limit.
  2. Size of the tin to hold the cake batter was not just right.
  3. The temperature of the oven might be not just fit or might be it was too high to form a soft cake base.

So to solve this problem you should look into these small issues which can turn after into huge ones. We also provide best flavor cake delivery in Chittaranjan Park, Delhi.

  • Do not open again and again the oven it can result in cooler air to pass in the oven and can affect to your cakes centre. It may cause your cake to sunken in.
  • Beat you cake’s batter properly because if your cake is left without the presence of more air bubble it won’t make soft as you want it to be. You can beat out batter for longer time period or can add eggs into this so that the presence of air is correct.

These are the some problems which you made without noticing so practice more and ignore these mistakes to happen.