Cricket is something which can make anyone its fan. You can find more than one fan in every single house. In India cricketers assume like god of cricket and all. But here we are not going to talk about all those things instead we are here to suggest some cakes for cricket lovers which you can gift them on their birthdays, match winning celebrations and etc by Cakengifts.

Here are some examples of cricket cakes which you can easily send to the one who is passionate about cricket. Send them cricket cake in Adarsh Nagar at midnight to surprise them.

  • Cricket Pitch Cake-

Cake designed in a cricket pitch theme with bat and ball placed over it. Gift this cake to your cricket fan he will be so happy see this and will thank you a lot. And by gifting cricket cake to your son, nephew and other they will feel that you support their choices.

cricket cake

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  • Cricket Player cake-

In the cake a cricket player defending the pitch by lying down over it, the cake is so funny. You can gift the cake to the one who is always do nasty things and comic things to make you laugh.


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  • Cricket bat cake-

Cake in round shape with green in color and on top cricket bat and ball is placed. You can eat this cricket bat but not that one with which you play. Try this one or you can send this cake in AIIMs to your friend’s house within 3 to 4 hours.

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