We all have friends some have many and some have little. But the great thing about friendship is that, friend and their friendship is the best gift from God. And we should respect that gift which God has sent for us. Friends never leave us alone, when we are sad they make us happy and so on. But we are not here to give lecture on friends and their friendship.

We are here to guide you that what you should do when your friend’s heart is broken whether by someone else or by you. It is your duty to pamper your friend when he or she needed it.

You can present him or her beautiful gifts or cake which can cheer him or her up and can make your friend happy. You can find cakes as many cakes according to entire mood swings of your friend. Gift them smiley cakes delivery at their doorstep in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi.

Emoji Cakes and cupcakes for every mood of your friend-

  • Gift your style queen a stylish emoji cake with bow and glares. By this she will feel happy and encouraged by your gift for her.


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  • Love and kiss smile to make your friend happy and to make him or her forget about that past bad moment.


Image Source : anacortesbakingcompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Kissy-Face-Emoji-Cake.jpg

  • Combo emoji Cupcakes for each and every mood of your friend and to make him or her laugh a lot. By seeing this he or she will definitely forget about that entire bad things and fights and will enjoy a lot through CakenGifts.


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Make them happy and change their mood by gifting them emoji cakes in Nirman Vihar and also gift them fresh flower bouquet.