New Year is coming riding on its bike! It is on its way and bringing new beginning and lots happiness along with it. Are you prepared for its welcome? No, yet! Don’t worry you have time to think and got inspired by reading this blog. Have you still not planned to decorate your lovely cup cakes with SOMETHING different type of icing on it? Don’t get depressed we have brought some ideas of frosting for you to impress.


  • Frost your yummy cup cakes by some bright looking edible pearls and stone designed candies. Just keep the base of cup cake light with some light flavors like vanilla, strawberry or mint. This combination will give your cupcakes an elegant look. And will add a classic look to your New Year’s
  • Add some colors to your party by these colorful cup cakes. If you are of a jolly nature and little bit naughty this type of frosting will be SO YOU! type of frosting. Dedicate this New Year’s party to yourself. Impress your friends by ice cream cup cakes and be the queen of the party. Ice cream cup cake can be many flavors like Chocó cream, butterscotch cake, strawberry-vanilla cake or Chocó
  • Bring your New Year party with a musical theme. And decorate your cupcakes with this theme. Music can adore anyone and can melt the heart of anyone. If you want to reveal your inner secret love, New Year can be a best occasion, with some soft music and your lovely cupcakes to accompany. You can have base of chocolate, red velvet or butterscotch the flavors consider as the flavors of
  • Mid-night cupcakes are the trendiest frosting of the cupcakes every year. You can make cupcakes of any flavored base like chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, vanilla etc. But remember to frost it with white or light colored whipped cream. Because you have to top it with a chocolate biscuit with white cream which will be your mid-night clock. So if you want it to highlight be sure with the light color of
  • Imojiiiii….. the trendiest and the coolest thing ever. Whether you want its stickers or frosting will always stay in. you can have your cupcakes in any flavor but the chocolate will goes more with that. And you can have any type of frosting too. Just you have to do is make your edible imojis and tuck them on top to have fun this New
  • Spread some cuteness in your New Year party this year. Make some cute cupcakes with cute animal frosting as cute as you. Bake some yummy elegant vanilla flavored cupcakes and decorate them by making cute edible animal toys. And top them on its top. It will be the SHOUT OUT! thing for your kids
  • If you want a HUGE cupcake to impress your guest so don’t go anywhere the Balloon Cupcake is here for your rescue. Bake huge black current flavored cupcake and top with yummy colorful lollypop candies.


Have fun with yummy frosting and make your New Year happy FROSTFUL.